• Systems On Board a Yacht

    Systems on board a yacht

    Every boat either motor boat or sail boat, has combination of systems on board. All systems on board functions in dependently from each other and serves to handle one important area of operation.

    These are;
    ??? ?Propulsion system,
    ??? ?Exhaust system,
    ??? ?Fuel system,
    ??? ?Fresh water system,
    ??? ?Drinking water system,
    ??? ?Waste water system,
    ??? ?Maneuvering system,
    ??? ?Ventilation system,
    ??? ?Electrical system.

    I am going to explain each every system in modern designs and with alternative selection starting next week. Boat designers are the people who select suitable equipments for their design. Budget plays very important role on these selections. But, there are always minimum requirements applicable and it determines the price of the boat in final sales. Either you buy a boat within your budget or you already have a boat and want to add some additional systems, for your safety or for your pleasure.

    The important issues you need to consider asking yourself as follows;
    ??? ?Do I need this equipment?
    ??? ?What kind of support is could provide my needs?
    ??? ?What does it take from the boat when I adapt this in to my boat? Space, energy, running cost, i.e.
    ??? ?If I add this item, will it help me in the future on the second hand selling value of the boat?

    Always don?t forget, whatever you add on to your boat, if it doesn?t solve the bare minimum needs it will be luxury and increase the cost of your boat as a capital expenses and running expenses in the future.

    Let me give you one example of adding microwave oven into your boat kitchen. It is very practical to heat up foods, especially when you are sailing and no sufficient crew to cook. On the other hand, it requires 220V electricity AC power. You need to have inverter to convert 12 V DC to 220 V AC. If you don?t have one or need to increase the capacity of Amp value of the existing one, you need to invest.

    When microwave ovens run it sucks the electricity from batteries. You need to know how many amp/h usages when you put them on. Your charging cycle will change fuel spending and engine hours will increase as well. You may also think to add solar panel to charge the batteries to compensate the amp withdrawn.? These are all related consequences have to be taken into consideration.

    You need to think that if you can survive without microwave oven or not. If the answer is ?YES?, I suggest don?t go for it and don?t spend unnecessary. Think about it?.

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