• Boat Drinking Water System

    It is a big phenomenon to obtain clean fresh water supply on board any boats while you are surrounded by the water. The water surrounds you is salty water and not suitable to drink at all. The only choice that we have is to store the water with certain amount available in the confine space on board the yacht. The capacity that you hold allows your sea fearing operation without any supply. Planning of the sailing distances is the key on the survival of the sea.

    Marine fresh water systems are the most suitable drinking water supply you could find on board. It is developed to supply fresh water in safety for health.? The system itself has a combination of accessories like storage tanks, piping in the boat, electric pump motor, level indicator of any kind, hoses, filters and connection parts.

    Water Tank:

    This is the most important part of the boat drinking water system. Tanks produced by the manufacturers are generally two types, rigid or flexible water tanks. The choice depends on the space on board the yacht. In general, It is designer?s decision to fit the proper tank on your boat but if you want to add and to increase the capacity, naturally, ?you need to consider available space with the concern of the total balance of the yacht for the solutions.

    Product of rigid tanks is made up of synthetic material so there is no corrosion expected. Inside of the tanks are coated with suitable material for drinking water. Almost every rigid tank has gauge system to check the level of the water in side as well as the cleanness degree of the water that you have stored. They are produced seamless so no leakage or spilling is expected. This proper condition also protects the drinking water not to be contaminated. There is air ventilation on the tank to breath.? Some system has water pump powered by electrical energy attached to the tank itself. This electrical pump system provides continuous pressure supported by the technology. The bigger the size is the additional frames are added on like baffle, to minimize the free water surface area.

    Flexible tanks are convenient to increase the capacity of the drinking water system. Shapes and size are depends on the space that you intent to put, some square, some rectangle and some are triangle shape. They are made up of combination of reinforced material, water resistant material and material of which suitable to contact to the drinking water, which is food grade material. It gives flexibility to install the tank mostly hard to reach areas in the boat. There are standard nipples attached on the hard plastic material as fittings, which also give flexibility to make the link to the connections of plumbing in the boat.

    All these systems are the source to improve the quality of living conditions on board for the people as well as survival days. Some modern systems have ultrasonic level sensors to make it easy to read the level of the water stored. There are pressurize system attached to whole system, which provides continuous flow of fresh water in the circuits.


    Some yachts which planning to cross the oceans or long sailing period, could have watermaker which convert sea water to fresh water. These are advance and expensive systems which boil the sea water than condense it or chemically disintegrate the salt from it to make the water fresh and drinkable.


    Some yachts which they sail long distance and cold climate, have boiler as well for taking shower or to use in the kitchen. This heating system is also support the total heating system in the boat for heating purposes as calorifiers. Some calorifiers which are connected to the engine coolant system which needs thermostatic mixer valve to regulate the heat used.


    These are specially produced transparent PVC pipes to be used to transfer fresh water or grey water in the boat.

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