• Sailing in Malaysia

    Sailing in Malaysia

    Malaysia, characterized by two parts far separate one another, is a very unique country, with 4675km of coastline, lies on the Peninsula and Borneo. Located on the tropical climate belt, there are only two seasons; moist and dry. Dry season is the best one for a cruising activities and it lasts from November to April. However, while one part of the country is wet, other part is dry and visa-versa.

    Malaysia is known as a country to have stunning of beaches and an wonderful coastline as a fantastic destination for sailing and sailing holidays. In this article we would like to highlight About Sailing Malaysia.

    The beaches, coves, seaside estuaries and the beautiful waters of the sea afford immense scope for the tourists and sailors to embark upon numerous water sports which is primarily sailing. One can go for both adventure as well as pleasurable sailing in Malaysia. There are varied harbors, which supply boats for sailing. Again there are a number of beaches and remote island resorts, which present sailing facilities to travelers and holidaymakers.

    Sailing in Malaysia can be divided effectively into two sectors: cruising about the series of 90 islands sprinkled off the North-West Coast of Malaysia, together with the preferred destinations of Penang and Langkawi; or smoothly produced up 17 islands off the South-East Coast of the country. Equally areas offer unlimited connection to tropical islands, clear blue waters and a large range of wonderful yachting facilities.

    Sailing in Malaysia is definitely one of the best options of enjoying an adventuresome holiday. The exotic climate and the stunning waters of the sea are? excellent to go for sailing around this nation. Leisure sailing in Malaysia is growing, it is a reasonable and superb approach for visitors to find out Malaysia’s island and extensive coastline.

    Placed at the junctions of Asia, Malaysia is set to welcome benefits of the increasing Asian yacht and recreational boating markets, the Straits of Malacca on Malaysia’s West Coast are often the main route taken by yachts traveling from Australia to Southeast Asia, Africa and beyond.

    Relating to the East Coast of Malaysia, Kapas, Redang, Perhentian, and Tioman Islands provide yachtsmen with mooring and scuba diving spots along with assistance and shopping. On the West Coast there are number of marinas built by the government and privately owned enterprises. Non-resident boaters must register with Malaysian authorities from the Departments of Immigration, Marine, Customs and Health as well as with local harbor masters. Documents, including passports and boat enrolment, are needed upon arrival. Through these marina facilities sailors have access to the big cities around Malaysia.

    A large number of sailing events are held in the country from time to time. Some of the main events and challenges on sailing in Malaysia that are held comprise of the Raja Muda International Regatta, the Asean Regatta and the Royal Langkawi Worldwide Regatta on the West Coast of Peninsula. There are some activities on the East Coast of the Peninsula as well as East Malaysia, like the Monsoon Cup and Borneo Inter Port Regatta on Kota Kinabalu. Sailors from the whole country as well as from around the world come here to get involved in these events, which provide great fun and exhilaration.

    Many of you realize by now that the racing seasons in Southeast Asia is compacted into three short months to take advantage of the NE Monsoon. East Sea-coast races are on Match racing form and west coast races are mostly passage type races.

    Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports are the main benefactors of the occasions as well as state governments regionally. The country’s federal government, through this ministry, provides approximately 60-70% of the event’s total spending plan. As a result, the ministry wishes a gain that is prominent throughout the year and not just in the few weeks working up to the celebration.

    Simultaneous to the structure development, sailing educational facilities are also growing all round the country. Through the various sailing schools, the aim is to bring up the level of Malaysian sailors and have a fully-Malaysian team collaborating in the World Match Racing Tour in the not so distant future. Through these schools everyone will learn how to sail a boat.

    One of the main events the Monsoon Cup started in 2005 as part a showcase of a giant commercial infrastructure progress in Kuala Terengganu, started by the Malaysian government, since the Raja Muda started more than 3 decades ago. A new marina was built, together with a brand new resort next to it while the river mouth was dredged and reshaped and a new fisherman wharf was crafted. Country?s developments are steadily dealing with sailing events and their outcomes.

    The South China Sea on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, is residence to the ?Asian Circuit? of boat racing; which contributed by neighboring countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia are associate countries.

    Soon after November?s Raja Muda Regatta and December?s King?s Cup Regatta yachts are forced to sail southwest around the Malaysian Peninsular to head to the Philippines and Hong Kong for additional racing. So the Singapore Straits Regatta was clipped into life in between their transition as a race for all the yachts just before they headed away.

    For the whole of January the winds from the NE region are relatively reliable all round the Singapore Straits and merely to provide competition a much better visibility area, destination being Pulau Batam, Indonesia, away from the occupied shipping labeled channels. These clear waters are typical of sailing in Malaysia.

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