About Sailing Malaysia

Learn about our thoughts about sailing training, events and more in Malaysia.

How To Sail a Boat

You can find the information about how to sail a boat in this section.

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More About Courses

You can learn more about certificate courses that we offered here.

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Find Out Who We Are?

You can find information about who we are and what we are doing here.

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Sailing Academy Malaysia

Sailing School Malaysia offers recreational IYT courses in its premise. We have Dehler 38 boat, which is 38 ft sail boat for our practical training on board. Contact us for more information.

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Power of Wind

You can follow us here to learn more about how to sail, how wind effects the boat i.e. and more... Check it out from time to time for the new articles.

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Systems On Board

Learn more about systems on board a yacht. We are going to give you some useful tips about boat systems, how to choose one for your boat i.e. and more. Follow us here.

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About Our Sail Boat

You can learn more about our sail boat Dehler 38 here. You can also understand that how magnificent this German design is. Follow us here for more information about the boat.

"Wow! wow! wow!, it was the most incredible experience to simply glide on water in absolute silence. Ive been a (motorised) sailor all my life but to sail with just the wind is an experience to die for. Capt. Ali, Sir! you are truly an inspiration. I felt so much at ease and enjoyed my time to the max whilst learning so much from you. Dear land lubbers?.dont wait; shake off your dust and go experience the awesome power of the free wind harnessed to make your smile permanent." --Ahmad (Maldives)